Bom Karma... ou não!

segunda-feira, janeiro 16, 2006

Black dress

For days I've searched for the words
So I don't make a mess of this
I'll trade my eyes for a fleeting wish
I woke at 7am
The cold air was not becoming
This tune I started humming
And you lay there so still
With dark eyes shut and whiskey breath
You hadn't taken off your black dress
The curtain fell from its rail
I shut the window so it wouldn't shatter
But it was nothing it didn't matter

To me our lives are barely built to last
How did you creep up on me so damn fast my dear?
I sat in the kitchen and thought
I've had a few knocks here and there
Was mostly my fault so I don't care
You said I have a bad side
It comes when all the clocks have stopped
I feel my heart begin to drop

To me our lives are fast approaching death
So let's go out in my suit and your black dress my dear

You will come back

Ed Harcourt


  • At 21:11, Blogger aglidole said…

    Tou a ver que sofres do mesmo mal que eu, amigo...Boa noite.

  • At 19:55, Anonymous Anónimo said…

    ou não, mursel


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